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At Southern Property Services, we specialize in transforming outdoor areas with our custom hardscaping services. From patios to retaining walls, we’re all about enhancing the functionality, value, and beauty of your property. Throughout every stage, our team works closely with our clients to make sure every need is met. Using only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques, we guarantee durable and beautiful outdoor living spaces. Whether you’re looking to create a serene outdoor retreat or you need a retaining wall for structural support, we promise your outdoor space will be beautiful and lasting.

Southern Property Services isn’t just about softscapes; we’re your one-stop shop for transforming your outdoor space with our custom hardscaping services. We believe in the power of hardscapes to not only enhance the aesthetics of your property but also elevate its functionality and value.

Custom Hardscaping in North East Atlanta

Taking the Right Steps Towards Quality Results

Choosing Southern Property Services for your hardscaping needs means selecting a partner dedicated to delivering high-quality results and expert craftsmanship. We do this through detailed, engineered planning and by using high-quality materials. Not only does this allow our team to create stunning hardscape features, but it also ensures complete structural integrity for laying durability against the elements, use, and the test of time.



Our options include:

Small Rock/Firepit/ Path/ Rock Bed

medium slate chips

Medium Slate Chips

pea gravel

Pea Gravel

egg rocks

Egg Rock

mini slate chips

Mini Slate Chips

granite gravel

#89 Granite Gravel

white marble chips

White Marble Chips

Large Rock/ Drain Rock/ Landscape Stones

3-5” large multi-color river rock

3-5” small multi-color river rock

Illinois Bulk 3-5”

Pennsylvania Bulk 3-5”

Large Crimson Gravel

Tennesee Bulk 4”-10”

4-10” Tan River Rock

Custom Hardscaping in North East Atlanta

Taking the Right Steps Towards Quality Results

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Don’t settle for an ordinary outdoor space. Contact Southern Property Services today and experience the transformative power of our custom hardscaping solutions. Our team is eager to collaborate with you to turn your vision into a reality, crafting a beautiful, functional, and lasting outdoor haven you’ll cherish for years to come.


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