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Southern Property Services offers professional sod installation services across North East Atlanta, transforming bare patches or outdated yards into lush, green lawns. Our team uses only the highest quality sod, ensuring that each installation promotes healthy growth and enduring beauty. From selecting the correct type of sod for your property’s specific conditions to the final laying process, we handle every step with precision and care. Our sod installation not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also contributes to a healthier outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to create a new lawn or revitalize an existing one, our expert team delivers outstanding results.

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Choosing Southern Property Services for your sod installation means prioritizing quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction. Our team of industry professionals who understand the nuances of sod selection, soil preparation, and installation techniques. We are committed to using only the best materials and providing personalized service to meet your landscaping needs. Our dedication to excellence ensures that your new lawn will be beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain.
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Super Sod

We work with some of the best sod providers in the Southeast. We ensure that the sod is delivered directly to the job site. Our most common sod options
bermuda grass

Tif Tuf Bermuda:

Great overall turf grass quality and aesthetics, especially under drought stress. Highly resistant to wear and tear with a fast recovery making it a durable lawn for your kids and dogs to play.
Zeon Zoysia Lines

Zeon Zoysia

A bestseller for a reason. This sod is adaptable and thrives in the heat of the lower South and the cold winter of the upper South. Highly resistant to disease and insects while maintaining a lush medium green color. Dense growth patterns resists weeds and requires little fertilization.
Elite Tall Fescue

Elite Tall Fescue

A blend of cool season varieties of grass that adapts to sun or shade, needing 3-4 hours of sun per day to thrive. With dark green coloured blades to enhance the medium texture, a tolerance to moist soil, it is a great option.

The Green Carpet Treatment: Southern Property Services Sod Installation

Our team goes beyond simply laying sod. We’re experts in selecting the right type of sod for your specific needs and Atlanta’s climate. Whether you prioritize drought tolerance, shade resistance, or a specific aesthetic, we’ll recommend the perfect variety to ensure your lawn thrives for years to come.

A Holistic Approach: A beautiful lawn starts with a solid foundation. Before laying sod, our meticulous team prepares your soil by addressing any drainage issues, removing debris, and creating a smooth, level surface. This meticulous preparation promotes optimal root growth and ensures your new lawn establishes itself quickly.

Our experienced professionals handle the sod installation process with precision and care. We meticulously lay each piece of sod, ensuring seamless connections and a flawless finish. Following installation, we provide detailed instructions on proper watering and maintenance practices to nurture your new lawn and ensure it flourishes.

The Value of a Healthy Lawn: A lush lawn isn’t just visually appealing; it contributes to a healthier outdoor environment. Sod helps regulate soil temperature, reduces erosion, and improves air quality. A healthy lawn can also discourage pests and create a more inviting space for outdoor activities.

Contact Southern Property Services and let us transform your bare patch or outdated yard into a beautiful, functional lawn. Our expertise, high-quality sod, and meticulous installation process guarantee a thriving green space you’ll enjoy for years to come. Let us turn your vision of a lush outdoor haven into reality.

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Transform your yard into a lush paradise. Contact Southern Property Services today for premier sod installation services in Metro Atlanta.